Message from the President

My name is Lyon Ui Chung, and I am the president of Leaders United for Change. The year of 2020 was difficult for everyone because of the coronavirus pandemic. Still, I was surprised and touched by the fact that volunteers from all over the world joined together to help their community. In the time of a few months, the organization grew from about thirty members to a few hundred members. Also, we also grew to have members from fifteen different states and four different nations, including South Korea, China, and Colombia.

With the collective volunteerism of all our mentors, we were able to provide thousands of hours of free academic mentoring to hundreds of students from around the world. At a time when both academic and financial resources were limited, I am thankful to our mentors for being a part of a team that helped students learn and succeed during those times.

During the summer, we discovered that students were staying at home without much work and fun. For this reason, we created a summer program for our students. While our Saturday classes focused on academics, Summer Program 2020 focused on enrichment and fun classes including ballet, fitness, cooking, chess, debate, and more! Every weekday from 12 to 6, students were invited to learn from a passionate mentor in the field. The mentors teaching the classes were students from respected schools such as Harvard Westlake, Harvard, Stanford, WashU, and the University of Washington. With thirty hours of classes per week and a greatly diverse and interesting list of classes, we taught hundreds of students in the program to keep them active and interested! The program continued from June to August and culminated in an individual project such as an art piece, a journalism article, a presentation on American history, and more!

For the rest of the year, we will continue working to help our students academically as well as being that older brother or sister figure who will motivate our students and teach them the joy of learning!