Message from the President

Hi Everyone!

My name is Andrew Choe, and I am the president of Leaders United for Change.

From my time at LUC, I’ve come to appreciate the power of bringing people together. Each of us has unique interests and perspectives, and uniting them in service of a shared purpose is meaningful. Yet, when focused on individual goals,  it’s often difficult to imagine how our talents can mesh with others’. LUC’s most important work is building these connections. I hope that every student and mentor in the organization can realize their academic and extracurricular goals, whether that be improving in math class, learning how to code a website, or sharing a passion for cooking with others.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve continued to pursue this mission by creating new learning and enrichment opportunities online. The virtual setting meant we needed to be more resourceful and creative. We not only transferred our mentoring service to a fully online model but also ran virtual summer programs, invited guest speakers like the Amoeba Sisters, and expanded our reach globally. Volunteering at LUC means joining a unique community of kind, talented peers.

Looking forward, I hope that we continue bringing people together, now with a greater focus on building community for students. LUC has worked to meet students’ needs by creating requested programs, like competition math and computer science, and organizing holiday events for students to meet each other and their mentors in non-academic settings. We will continue this work by making the most of new opportunities to be in-person with each other, as health guidelines allow. Additionally, in the vein of the Arts Competition we held this summer, LUC will create opportunities for students to apply what they learn during their mentoring sessions and to discover their passions.

I’m really grateful to be a part of this amazing group. Here’s to another great year!

Andrew Choe