One on One Academic Mentoring

Leaders United for Change offers one-on-one mentoring in math, science, and English. Our one-on-one mentoring services in these subjects gives our students the opportunity to ask questions about material, do practice problems with their mentors, or learn completely new material in a more personal setting. One-on-one math mentoring includes subjects ranging from Algebra I to Calculus, as well as competitional math (mainly the AMC 8 and 10). Science subjects include chemistry, biology, and physics. With both the math and science mentoring services, students either learn new material or ask questions about and review homework they’ve completed (practice problems or reading). Our mentors are approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable about experiences students might face in taking certain courses or middle/high school in general. We hope that our mentors can become older brother and sister figures for our students, and create a meaningful bond that extends beyond the classroom.