One on One Academic Mentoring

Mentors United for Change offers one-on-one academic mentoring in math, science, and English. During their weekly mentoring sessions, students ask questions about material from school classes, do practice problems with their mentors, or cover new concepts. Our math students work on subjects from Pre-Algebra to AP Calculus. Additionally, we are proud to offer a competition math program, which helps students prepare for the AMC math competitions. The science program offers tutoring in chemistry, biology, and physics. Lastly, MUC’s English program challenges students to think critically about interesting texts. Each week, our English department creates an analytical assignment that asks writers to read a work of fiction or a non-fiction article and to respond in a carefully-written essay.

Our mentors are approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable about experiences students might face in taking certain courses or middle/high school in general. We hope that our mentors can become older brother and sister figures for our students, and create a meaningful bond that extends beyond the classroom.

Our last in-person mentoring session before the COVID-19 shutdown.